One Sustainable Mick

In his role as co-chair of AIGA’s Center for Sustainable Design, Michael represents designers who are trying to make a difference all over the world.

Ph.D Adopts Designers Accord

We just returned from an inspirational weekend at Compostmodern, the sustainable design conference put together by our brethren up north at AIGA SF. It was great to hear from so many voices working in this sphere, but we were most excited for the launch of the Designers Accord.

For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

In honor of his Fellow Award from AIGA Los Angeles, Michael is interviewed for the AIGA/LA website by Rachel Elnar. Michael reveals some secrets, like what it was like to work under the legendary Willie Landels at Harpers & Queen (he started off making coffee), and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a designer (organic farming?).

From Mick, to Marty

We designed a John Ford box set for Fox that we are very, very proud of here at Ph.D. It seems other people are getting excited about it, too: Ford at Fox was the #1 pick in Vanity Fair this month and is featured on many other end-of-the-year, best-of lists. But here’s the news that totally floored […]