Right Said Fred!

Congratulations to Fred Fisher, featured in this weekends Los Angeles Times Arts & Culture section.


We worked with Fred and his team on early concepts for the Annenberg Community Beach House project at 415 PCH (love that address), and on The Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology at Cal Tech. The latter project being one of our favourite projects with them. For this building on Cal Tech’s Pasadena campus Fred Fisher’s office set out to design a building that was transparent and exposed both the users and their thoughts. This being California, it also needed to be relaxed and fun.

Fisher’s office achieved this by designing a glass curtain-wall building that makes little distinction between the indoors and the outdoors. As partner Joe Coriaty describes it “A place not a building.”

Once inside we followed Fisher’s lead and had fun. Large colored vinyl type on the conference room, the instructional lab and studio room Ids and the auditorium type which we created by drilling a pattern of holes into the bamboo wall.

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